NEW BROCHURE - Spring Summer 2019

The new catalogs of great emotional effect marked Alma Righi and Alma Righi Più will soon be in preparation.
Testimonial a very important model, well known to the public of the professionals of Italian fashion and commercial TV.
The photographs will be taken by Mariano Lunardi, photographer who has been following us for 18 years and who knows our taste well
and the woman we want to dress and interpret.

brochure primavera

atelier vila cornaro


VISUAL Autumn Winter 2018-2019

The new visuals for the boutiques Alma Righi and Alma Righi Più are about to be released to promote and support at the points of sale
the style we represent.
Everything is done in Italy with Italian professionals in line with our company policy: to enhance Italian quality and professionalism from the design / production phase to that of the image / concept and marketing.



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